Who Cares What Consumer Reports Says About iPhone 4?

iphone 4 consumer reports

Consumer Reports is really starting to frustrate me with their attitude toward the iPhone 4. Even after Steve Jobs said that the fix to the iPhone 4 antenna issue is putting a case on the device, and that Apple is “working their butt off” to fix the problem, Consumer Reports still says they will not recommend consumers to purchase the device.

I’m starting to think that Consumer Reports is now playing the iPhone 4 card simply for the attention and traffic they get – not because of the validity to their disposition toward the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 signal strength is a problem that is occurring on a small percentage of total devices – much like any mobile device experiences problems with a small percentage of customers.

And now Apple is given away Bumper cases to all iPhone 4 customers thru September 30th, and continuing to work on resolving this issue.

But yet Consumer Reports feels “obligated” to protect the greater good of the consumers out there…

give me a break!

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You're running a website called 'SocialMediaSEO' and you think consumer report lacks credibility? Hmmm….

Hey JohnJohn – I'm sure somewhere in your comment you had a point to make, but I seemed to have missed it – thanks for visiting and commenting nonetheless!

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