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aHome beta 4 for Android Leaked (images)

ahome 4 beta 1

Your Android phone will never be the same! aHome 4 for Android has been leaked (see images below) according to aHome 4 will allow you to fully customize the way your Android phone looks. From changing out themes, to screenshots, to icons, with aHome 4 nearly every detail of your Android phone is customizable. a Home 4 is being developed by

here are screen shots of the aHome 4 beta for Android:

ahome 4 beta 2 ahome 4 beta 3

ahome 4 beta 4 ahome 4 beta 5

ahome 4 beta 6

As opposed to the iPhone where you a stuck with one theme, ahOME 4 for Android allows you a wide range of customization tools.

There is no solid release date (yet) for ahome 4 for android.

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