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iPad Camera Rumors, Rivals Scramble for Tablets, & Motorola Droid Tablet Coming

The tablet industry is moving forward quickly, so I’ve decided a bit of a different format here.

What I’m going to try to do is give you quick highlights of the news that’s moving right now around the tablet industry along with links to great resources to get more indepth on these story lines.

Let me know what you think about this format in the comments.

So here we go:

Rumors next iPad will have camera

AppleInsider is reporting that the next generation of the iPad seems to be fitted for a camera. According to their sources, Apple’s iPad management profile policies available to corporate users include the capability to disable use of its camera, providing evidence of future intent to include a camera on upcoming models [read more]

Lonely Planet guidebook series for iPad launches

Guidebook pioneer Lonely Planet, among the first publishers to offer an iPad-specific travel app when the tablet computer debuted this spring, has launched an interactive, iPad version of its new Discover series. The ebooks, currently available for Great Britain, Italy, Spain, France, and Ireland, feature suggested itineraries organized by region, theme and length of trip [read more].

Microsoft, other rivals, scramble to catch up to the iPad

In light of the 3 million iPads that Apple has sold already, companies like Microsoft are no in panic mode trying to come up with rival tablet devices that can get in on the market that Apple has tapped…. wait… actually created with their iPad. Everyone is now scrambling to try to answer the iPad [read more].

Motorola’s Droid tablet is on the way

Motorola is wasting no time getting in on the tablet craze by putting together plans to launch the Motorola Droid tablet, which will be powered by Google’s Android OS. The Motorola Droid tablet is said to have a 10-inch screen and the launch date is expected as early as this autumn in the United States [read more].

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