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Tim Tebow Haircut (Image, Picture)

tim tebow haircut picture image

Tim Tebow Haircut (Image, Picture)

You gonna love this!

Apparently, when rookies show up in the NFL locker rooms, there is a price to be paid for… well… being new.

Tim Tebow is no exception to this rule as you can see by his new haircut.

According to PopCrunch, Teammate LenDale White tweeted this picture of Tebow’s new haircut which seems to have given him a literal halo to go along with his figurative one. This goes a little above and beyond carrying veterans shoulder pads I’d say, but I guess good for Tebow for working hard to fit in.

So what do you think about Tim Tebow’s new haircut?

And who can’t wait for the NFL season to get started?

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