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PGA Championship iPhone App Makes You Pay Even With Ads Showing

pga championship 2010 iphone app

The PGA Championship 2010 iPhone app sounded good at first. That is, until I downloaded it and realized I had to pay $1.99 to watch a video. What??? $1.99 to watch a video – and you (the PGA) are running ads on the iPhone app??? What’s up with that madness? So anyway, it should come as no surprise to anyone that the PGA Championship 2010 iPhone app on iTunes is getting a lot of downloads, but is getting hammered in the customer review section. So hey, PGA folk, if you are reading this then you might want to check out the iTunes customer review section – nobody appreciates having to pay for video, especially when you are already running ads on your app.

Check out PGA Championship 2010 iPhone app in iTunes.

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