Are You Ready For iPhone 5?

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Some people are already saying that iPhone 5 will replace your wallet.

ComputerWorld has some information about a new hire at Apple who’s name is Benjamin Vigier. Vigier is a near field communications (NFC) expert, and has the expertise to figure out how your iPhone can actually replace your wallet, your house keys, your identity, basically everything that is central to your life.

So if this is true, are you ready to put all of your life’s eggs in one basket – that being your iPhone?

Don’t say “no” to quickly though because Apple (Steve Jobs) has a way of influencing the die hard Apple fans into buying pretty much anything they (he) releases!


P.S.  Oh yeah Computer World, the iPhone 5 can’t be called iWallet because that name is already taken.

via Computer World

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We have been heading this direction for a while now, leave it to Apple to perfect the possibilities.

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