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Is Facebook The Success Behind the iPhone, iPad, & Apple?

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Fact: The Facebook application accounts for half of all app usage on the phone (excluding phone and email). On the iPad, the Facebook percentage is even higher.

Fact: Facebook Places, being a “location aware” application, will rely heavily on both the iPhone and iPad for usage data, integration, and feedback.

So with Facebook playing such a large roll of usage on the iPhone and iPad, is it fair to say that the success of the iPhone and iPad can be attributed to Facebook?

After all, Facebook has 500 million (that’s half a billion in case you were wondering) users world wide.

If this is true, then the implication is that Apple is dependent upon Facebook for selling the iPhone and iPad.

Take that thought one step further and you have the question of whether Facebook is the reason Apple is successful.


via Motley Fool, Digital Surgeons

2 replies on “Is Facebook The Success Behind the iPhone, iPad, & Apple?”

On the contrary, perhaps Facebook is one of the beneficiaries of Apple and others putting mobile technology in the hands of the masses. I’ve had previous smartphones (Palm OS Treo, Windows Mobile 5) for a number of years but until iPhone none of them made me really want to use the data features for anything other than e-mail.

Hi Andrew – great perspective. I think ultimately it’s a reflection of how technology, when valuable to end users, can collaborate to deliver something that has real utility.

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