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Send Facebook Messages from Your Desktop with Chit Chat for Facebook

chit chat for facebookThe popular Facebook messaging application, Chit Chat for Facebook has been upgraded to version 1.4 which is reported to be the most noteworthy update since its initial launch just over a year ago.

The main advantage of the Facebook chat program, Chit Chat for Facebook, is that it allows you to use one of the most popular features of Facebook: Facebook chat, without having to navigate around the Facebook site itself, which can be notoriously slow and unstable at peak times.

The dedicated Facebook messaging application is similar in appearance and functionality to other popular instant messaging platforms so that even the most casual computer users will feel instantly familiar with how Chit Chat works. However, unlike most messaging applications Chit Chat has been carefully engineered to be lightweight and efficient – as such it doesn’t take up much valuable memory or processing power and so it suitable for old and new computers alike. For example, on my netbook computer Chit Chat runs without fault whilst other messenger applications tend to lag.

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Chit Chat for Facebook 1.4 provides the following benefits:

  • Tabbed chat window. Communicate with many Facebook friends at once and be shown when you receive a new message.
  • Easily insert Facebook emoticons. Why struggle to write tens words when one simple emoticon graphic will suffice?
  • Customize Text. Personalise your Facebook messages. Change the style, color and size of text used in the Facebook messenger.
  • Send the same message quickly. Send the same private message or wall post message to several Facebook friends in one go.
  • Chat History. Ability to view open Facebook chat history and to save any conversations
  • Time saving shortcuts. Includes a range of time-saving keyboard shortcuts, such as CTL + M to instantly hide all your chat windows (great for when a boss or teacher is approaching!)
  • Music Status Alerts. Update music status alerts so you can let your friends know what you are listening to.

For all its benefits Chit Chat for Facebook doesn’t currently support being able to see the away Facebook status, I’d like to see this included in the next update of this instant messenger.

With Facebook’s ever growing popularity and increased involvement in our everyday lives – being used to arrange social gatherings, interact with distant friends, and keep in touch with the latest gossip. Chit Chat, a specifically designated IM app that allows you to perform these tasks, without trawling through the main Facebook site every time, is invaluable to an avid social networking addict.

Chit Chat for Facebook is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and you Download Chit Chat for Facebook by clicking here.

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