Google Teaches You About Browsers & The Web, Old School (Sort of…)

google 20 things i learned about browsers and the web

Google wants you to learn more about the web. Everyone uses the web, everyone checks their email and uses Facebook, but very few people actually know the mechanics and basics about how the web works.

With this in mind, Google released a Curious George style type book, but on the web, that teaches you the basics about the Internet. The book is called 20 Things I Learned About Browsers and the Web.

This is a step by step guide with child like illustrations by award-winning German illustrator and children’s author Christoph Niemann, heavy HTML5 integration, and simple, intuitive design.

This book can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Buzz. And what’s even more cool is that you can print the book out and read it old school…


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