Why Your Business Website Needs To Be A Social Network

turn website into social network

Turn your website into a social network

Look 5 years down the road.

What kind of presence do you have on the web? Is it the same old website you’ve had with very little traffic and exposure, just 5 years older?

Or is your business finely integrated into the social DNA of the web where thousands of people are interacting with your site, and an entire conversation is unfolding around your niche?

You might think that online platforms like Facebook and Google want to simply build their own websites so that more people visit their web properties.

But you’d be wrong!

Turn your website into a social network

Facebook for example wants to grow and expand of course, but their ultimate objective is to facilitate billions of niche micro social networks – social networks that are thriving within your own web properties.

A lot of Facebook plugins exist right now that allow you to turn your old, static website into a dynamic social network – a social network where people are building relationships, sharing information, and all along dramatically increasing your website’s traffic, exposure, and influence.

Here’s an example

Let’s say you just added a Facebook comment box on your website. With that one step, your website just became a place where visitors share, comment, “Like”, and interact – all while exposing your website to all of their friends.

I’ve talked many times before about the viral exposure that can occur when just a couple of people “share” or “like” a piece of content through an integrated Facebook plugin – the reach could be hundreds, even thousands of people within a couple of hours.

Start looking at your website differently

You need to start looking at your website no longer as the old, static postcard that you try to send people to through your email signature block.

Instead, you need to start looking at your website as the foundation of a growing, thriving social network that grows exponentially in traffic, exposure, and influence.

Now… you tell me how valuable your website is for your business?

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