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Facebook Cartoon A Hoax?

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So, now there is an issue with the Facebook cartoons.

I, personally, thought it was a great way to promote awareness. But, as with everything in this world, someone has to rain on the parade.

The blogosphere is very talkative this morning about the cartoon trend, which started out of Greece.

Many say that the cartoons started out as a hoax since no group has come forward to claim responsibility.

Another rumor, an outright lie, is a new status update trend warning parents about pedophileswho supposedly started the cartoon profiles. The thinking goes that children will friend them easier if they have cartoons as their profile picture.

I say who cares… Whether it’s official or not, raising awareness for the defenseless is never a hoax.

What do you think?

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By Jeannie Ingraham

Jeannie lives with her nuclear engineer husband and slobber bucket
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