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Apple Kills Their “Jailbreak” Detection API in iOS 4.2

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Back in June, Apple tooks steps to fight the jailbreaking of their devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) by enabling a jailbreak detection API.

This nasty little API would actually shut down a device that was detected as being “jailbroken”.

What is Jailbreak you ask?

It’s basically when someone goes into the device (say an iPhone) and ┬áremoves Apple’s lock on the operating system.

Once a device is jailbroken, then any software, apps, and even other operating systems such as Android, can be ran on the iPhone.

Of course, Apple wouldn’t want this because it strips the exclusivity that Apple has on the device – keeping everything with Apple’s world.

Apple disables its jailbreak detection API

In the latest iOS 4.2 software update, reports are out that Apple has now disabled their jailbreak detection API.

Which also means that jailbreaking an Apple device will now proceed unhindered.

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