Trouble Uploading Photos With Facebook iPhone App

On Wednesday, January 12th, Facebook reported an issue that users where having with their Facebook iPhone app and not being able to upload photos.

The Facebook development team issued a resolution for the problem as follows:

Mobile: If you’re having trouble uploading photos to Facebook through your iPhone app, please try removing and re-installing it. We are currently working on resolving the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Users have been, overall, receptive to the resolution and have left comments such as:

wow… about time they noticed, my iPhone photo uploading hasn’t worked since Christmas

about time they started addressing Facebook mobile problems

Stay tuned for more Facebook resolutions.

via Facebook KnownIssues

6 Responses to “Trouble Uploading Photos With Facebook iPhone App”

  1. Mitch

    I have been looking for info on this. Thanks.

  2. Janetwinn

    deleting & reloading app worked!! thanks for that

  3. smurfshuz

    I deleted the app and reloaded it. It was only a temporary fix.


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