Fushigi Gravity Ball Is ‘Not So Amazing’ After All

fushigi magic gravity ball

I’ve been captivated by the Fushigi Ball ever since I saw the first commercial several months ago.

And then for Christmas, my wife and I couldn’t resist getting one for our son.

When he first got the Fushigi, yes… it was amazing.

It was like I was a kid again at Christmas – I couldn’t wait to open the box, touch the Fushigi Ball, feel the Fushigi Ball, play with the Fushigi Ball.

And then there is Fushigi Ball video that came with the Fushigi showing all of the techniques and moves that you can do with the Fushigi Ball – and of course, the DVD showed a “Fughigi Ball Master”…. WOW!!!! ┬áThis thing is amazing, right?

Not so much, after all.

Here it is not even 2 full months after Christmas and guess what I see sitting in the back seat of my car?

That’s right… the Fushigi Ball.

Come to find out – and I know, you’ll be shocked by this – it’s really not a magically gravity ball after all.

It’s just a hard plastic ball where the outer edge is clear, and then the clear part fades to the solid center.

And after less then two months, the Fushigi Ball has lost its magic and gravity has taken over by planting it solidly in the back seat of my car.

My kids could, quite honestly, care less about it.’

Anyway, that’s my experience with it.

What about yours?

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I have been contact juggling for years. Contact juggling was rebranded as Fushigi by some marketing guy who made million off the back of a clever marketing ploy. Contact juggling is relaxing, imaginative and endlessly enjoyable. The problem is the rebranding presented Fushigi as this amazing thing that you could just do once you had the ball. Unfortunately the adverts didn’t make it clear just how much practice you have to put in to be like the guy in the video.
Like anything in life, if you want to be REALLY good at it then you have to put in effort and practice a lot. I would make a comment at this point about “kids today” but I don’t want to seem like an old duffer so I won’t!

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