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How To Use Smart Phones To Drive Your Internet Marketing

smartphones business usersThe Importance of Smart Phones & Your Business

No one can deny the importance of the smart phone in our daily lives. Whether you own an iPhone or an HTC Thunderbolt, your smart phone probably contributes more than you even realize to the scheduling and streamlining of your life. Business professionals now can’t be found without one, and many others are starting to use them for additional tasks aside from gaming, checking emails, and streaming videos.

For many small business owners, using a smart phone to aid with internet marketing can be highly beneficial as it affords them the flexibility they need to be in and out of the office without losing any connectivity. When choosing to use your smart phone to aid in your internet marketing, consider the following:

Apps! Apps! Apps!

Every smart phone user in the U.S. can probably list their top 5 favorite apps without even thinking about it. For marketers, different smart phone apps provide various avenues for reaching new audiences. Through apps such as Foursquare or Facebook places, businesses are able to post about upcoming events or offer discounts, and Groupon allows businesses to further spread the word about specials while drawing in new customers. Businesses should use apps to drive business, and should do so by becoming involved in as many apps relevant to their industry.

Incorporate Traditional Marketing

Putting ads in the newspaper or in a local magazine may not be as effective as they once were, but they are still relatively inexpensive and, in large cities in particular, they still have a large reader base. Not only can you grab some attention for your business through these types of ads, but you can also make them more interactive by incorporating a QR code or SMS messages. Potential customers can now interact with traditional marketing methods by scanning QR codes or sending SMS messages to learn about the latest events, deals, or discounts which will most likely increase your business.

Post and Post Frequently

No reason to stay in the office when hosting a big marketing campaign. With a smart phone you can keep potential customers entertained with frequent Facebook posts, Twitter Tweets, and even blog posts. Every internet marketing consultant knows that frequently updating social media sites is highly important when trying to create a buzz about a brand, and new smart phone technologies allow you to more easily do so no matter where you are.

Marketers using smart phones to aid with their internet marketing efforts don’t have to use them blindly either. Google Analytics, in addition to other services, can help you track who is visiting your site, who receives messages sent, unsubscribers, QR codes scanned, phone calls, and unique visitors which can help you better streamline your mobile phone marketing efforts.

In an age, where everyone is going mobile and has increased connectivity, there is no reason for smart phones not to be singled out during marketing campaigns. Smart phones are easy to use and readily accessible, and should be viewed by marketers as mini-TVs just ready to inundate the public with their business’ latest products and services.

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