6 Proven Steps To Growing Your Facebook Fan Page

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A form of online marketing that is fast growing in popularity is Social Media, and in particular Facebook.  The opportunities for leveraging Facebook, and integrating Facebook as a marketing tool are numerous.

It is certainly worthwhile taking the time, and putting in the work, to understand the potential that Facebook holds and capitalize on the opportunity.

Most new marketers on Facebook make a huge mistake by assuming that by posting just a few regurgitated wall updates is going to open up the flood gates of new fans and new opportunities for business.

My friends, that’s just not the case.

But there are some things you can do, some strategies to implement on a consistent basis, that will help you to grow your Facebook fan page.  And when I say “grow” your Facebook page, I’m implying in more ways than just shear fans.  A healthy Facebook page has a growing fan base, ongoing conversations, direct interaction from admins, and back tagging from other people and other Facebook pages.

Here are 5 proven steps that you can take, on a consistent basis, that will help you to “grow” your Facebook fan page: 

1)  Link to your Facebook from your site

This is easy to do, and an excellent way to promote the fact you have a Facebook page. Facebook is easier to update, and something new will keep potential customers always coming back to your Facebook page to see if anything has changed.

2)  Add it to your marketing

A mention of your Facebook page on your marketing material is an easy way to entice people to visit your page. By including it in all forms of marketing, both online and offline (printed) material, your business is reaching a wider range of potential customers. It is also worthwhile adding it is a link to your signature for all email communication.

3)  Keep your Facebook content fresh

Neglect is the worst thing that could be done to a Facebook page. Potential customers will quickly stop visiting if they see that nothing has changed the last few times they visited. New content will also see your Facebook page appear on others news feeds frequently, and help to get people’s attention and interest.

4)  Keep in touch with your followers

If someone takes the time to comment or ask a question on your Facebook page, then take the time to reply or answer their question. This will start the possibility of further communication, but is also a nice way of showing that you are interested in what visitors to your Facebook page have to say.

5)  Consider what you put on your Facebook page

Anything you put on the page should be interesting and help to draw potential customers in. Make sure they are interesting, and ultimately, make sure they don’t happen too often. At best, an update once or twice a week is viewed favourably, and doesn’t spam the news feeds of your potential customers and visitors.

6)  Take advantage of Facebook tagging

By using the @ symbol in a status update, you can make mention of another page by typing their name. If the name doesn’t turn blue, then the page is not able to be tagged.

Tagging other pages helps promote their content.  And by helping promote other people’s content, you will build brand recognition for your own Facebook page.  I’m always aware, and always appreciative (which means I notice, recognize, and remember) those who have tagged my Facebook page in their own updates.

What about you?

What other proven methods are you using to promote your Facebook Fan Page?

Are there strategies that you’ve implemented that are proven to grow, promote, and increase the effectiveness of your Facebook Page?

Share your tips in the comments below!

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