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Does Facebook’s Open Graph Search Tool Suck?

facebook-open-graph-searchIf Facebook is your favorite cyber hangout then their new graph search tool which definitely make you happier. However not everyone might view it the same way. Facebook had launched a test version of its Graph search tool back in January but only allowed a selected group to use that feature to see how it was working. After some tweaks and tests, it is now finally being offered to everyone whose chosen language is US English. Now what on earth is this search tool?

Facebook’s rudimentary search capabilities meant you could only find your friends if their email address was registered correctly but now you can do much more than that. You can find friends of friends who like to read, people who enjoy hiking and wont mind an activity partner and so on. You can even search photos to see how your teacher looked back in their student days provided all that information is uploaded to their Facebook account.

Now not everyone advanced is good too. Once the Facebook graph search was out, people started using it for very embarrassing reasons like finding people who tolerate racism or people who like prostitutes. These kinds of searches are what would lead to huge privacy violation cry from public once more people start using the graph search feature. Blogs are already posting search results to show how invasive this new search tool can be. For example you may like a page and totally forget about it but someone now can search a relevant keyword and find you on Facebook. In short everything you enter on Facebook or do to your social profile is now searchable and this is actually invasion of privacy to many.

Facebook has already come under fire for other reasons like News feed and more but this feature is likely to do Facebook more harm than good in terms of attracting negative publicity. However Facebook is doing it in a desperate attempt to protect its sinking reputation. Twitter is already the favorite social media hangout for celebrities and so far very few have ever criticized twitter for its numerous features. But Facebook repeatedly attracts criticism because it appears to care little about privacy especially the privacy of those naive users who might have no idea how their information can be used.

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Thanks. I’m immediately signing in and changing my privacy on Facebook. I might as well deactivate my account.

You’re welcome! Pretty scary how they didn’t think about these issues when creating the open graph search.

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