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Paracetamol price increases due to coronavirus outbreak

As of late, paracetamol which is a medication for treating fever and pain has been highly sought.

Suffice to say, formidable coronavirus has shaken the world to the core.

When a person contracts the virus, life-threatening symptoms may begin to set in. This will be endangering especially the elderly.

Furthermore, the health of the citizens is not the only thing that’s succumbed to the consequences. The collapsing economy and the onset of changes is dire.

Moreover, the extent of the effect of coronavirus on the world is yet to be determined. Therefore, yielding to panic can only contribute negatively to this misfortune.

The sudden increased price of paracetamol caused by Coronavirus

The price of a single pack of 32 paracetamol skyrocketed from fairly reasonable $1.20 to an outrageous sum of $8.

Namely, this discrepancy that bewildered the customers took place in Jhoots Pharmacy in Kingswinford High Street.

As the word of mouth spread it reached social media. The ludicrous information has been brought to Mr. Mather’s attention, who opted for investigating it.

The price decreased from the unacceptable to its former tag due to recording Mr. Mather’s made. Therefore, times are getting worse.

Jhoots pharmacy in Birmingham scrutinized for tripling paracetamol’s price

There is Incongruous information regarding the claims of who’s to blame for the increased price of liquid paracetamol in Jhoots pharmacy, in Birmingham.

A Jhoots branch in Birmingham has been put under the microscope after the appearance of paracetamol for sale triple its original price.

According to the city’s councilor, Majid Mahmood, five people reached out to him out of despair letting him in on the changed prices on Wednesday.

His Bromford and Hodge Hill ward resides in one of the most deprived constituencies in England.

Majid Mahmood shed some light on the subject using social media.

The photo which surfaced on Twitter contained the price of 100ml of Calpol listed as $9.99 and a 200ml bottle with a cost of $19.99.

As a result, a spokesman for the pharmacy let everybody know full refunds will be provided.

Across the Black Country, several independent convenience stores inflated the prices. Namely, painkillers, sanitizers, and toilet paper.

The National Pharmacy Association took notice and said that pharmacies were facing fluctuating wholesale prices on hygiene products and medicines.

Officials at the competition watchdog made sure people understand the situation. If anyone is trying to escalate the prices will be faced with fines for breaking competition laws.

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