Yelp App Update : Some are already complaining!

yelp app update

Yelp’s New App update is already causing a stir (like Facebook) with some user’s who are used to the old app.  On their iTunes download page it says the new app is filled with awesomeness: This update is literally filled … Continued

7 Tips for Modern Mobile Phone Etiquette

Mobile phones are a modern marvel. These little devices can keep us connected to the rest of the world, including all of our favorite people, every hour of every day. You can take pictures, play music, talk or text or browse … Continued

Top 5 Apps for SEO from Your Smartphone

Recently SEO specialists have seen an overabundance of smartphone apps emerge all intent on helping them become more efficient. In order to help them go straight to those which will assist them the most, five apps have risen to the … Continued

Instagram App for Android – Wait No More!

Well, all of the Android users can finally stop waiting around for the Instagram app!  Although it’s not on all phones, it’s on enough to make everyone excited.  Instagram had about 430,000 people on the Android-app waiting list prior to … Continued