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The Evolution of HTML5 (Infographic)

One of the biggest moments that helped HTML5 and to throw Flash based videos/websites aside was when Steve Jobs bashed Flash on April 2010.  Many were frustrated when he said that iPads and iPhones wouldn’t use flash because HTML5 was so much better and was the future, but now that we’re past the Flash time […]

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The 25 most popular passwords of 2013 (Hint 123456 is one)

Come on people, really?  You are still using these passwords? Whether user’s have been hacked or not, they still continue to use horrible password combinations that make it easy for hackers to guess or break.  The most popular password was 123456 and “password” was in second.  It’s crazy to me that people would use these […]

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WordPress 3.8 Update Brings Flat UI and Responsive Design

Today, when I logged into my WordPress admin panel for Social Media SEO I noticed another update by WordPress, so I gladly clicked the upgrade button.  After upgrading to WordPress 3.8 I noticed a difference right away.  They moved to the trending flat ui interface and made the software responsive for any device.  The navigation […]

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How do you know your website has enough ads

Almost every website has ads, even SMSEO, however that doesn’t mean you have to display them in a way that is so obtrusive it pisses off your visitors.  Today after checking out MSN’s trending page, I noticed an explosion of gold all over the website.  It was a little much, apparently the visitors thought so […]