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Apple May Product Larger iPhone Screen Sizes

Apple may be on the verge of launching iphones of 4.7 inch and 5.7 inch screens respectively. The 5.7 size would be considered a “phablet”.  Phones with a large screen almost as big as a tablet are often called “phablets” … Continued

iPhone 5 Real Wood Backs by JackBacks

If you’re looking for a real wood back for an iPhone 4 or the up and coming iPhone 5 you should check out this company, JackBacks.  They make custom wood iPhone 4 backs and are already working on wood backs … Continued

Will The iPhone 5 Actually Be A Flop?

It’s probably safe to say, at this point, that Apple will bring the iPhone 5 to market sometime between the beginning and middle of October, with pre-sales launching on September 30th (wow… that’s actually tomorrow!) – **UPDATE** I did not … Continued