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Facebook Fan Pages For iPhones Coming in Facebook 3.0 iPhone App

facebook-iphone-30The Facebook 3.0 iPhone App has been submitted to Apple is awaiting approval!

That approval could come at any minute, and believe me, when it does, you’ll know about it from here, and from throughout the tech blogosphere.

There are great write ups about the fullness and power of Facebook 3.0 iPhone App here, here, and here.

But I want to talk to you specifically about the Facebook Fan Pages element of the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App.

I wrote about my experience with Facebook Fan Pages on the iPhone, and the major problem I was having.  Basically, when I tried to send out an update from the iPhone to one of my Facebook Fan Pages, the update made it to the Fan Page, but it did not broadcast out to all fans of the page.

And yes, I am an administrator of the page so the broadcast should have went out – but it didn’t!

The New Facebook 3.0 iPhone App

One of the major upgrades coming in the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App is the full support of Facebook Pages.  This is something is truly going to be ground breaking, and quite possibly will put Twitter is a full fledge defensive posture against Facebook – meaning, Twitter might have a hard time bouncing back and offering anything close to what Facebook 3.0 iPhone App can offer.

With the new Facebook Fan Pages support on the Facebook 3.0 iPhone App, you can check out any Page just like you can any personal profile, and Page owners can post status updates or Photos directly from the iPhone. You can also become a fan of a Page.

Again, the big enhancement here is that Page owners can post status updates from their iPhones and have it broadcast to all fans – something I have not been able to do as of yet from my iPhone.

Below are a couple of screen shots for you to check out:



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