Google Adwords Keyword Tool – 2 Strategies That Work

google adwords keyword strategiesYou have to know one thing before we even get started – the Google Adwords Keyword Tool IS YOUR BEST FRIEND!

For some reason a lot of my client work is involving the use of Google Adwords Keyword Tool.  And ironically, I’m using this tool for more than just Google Adwords campaigns – I’m showing clients how to use it for effective blogging as well.

So here are 2 key strategies for using the Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

1)  Targeting the long tail of relevant keyword phrases.

This strategy is quite simple actually and requires only a few steps.  First, enter your desired keyword phrase into the search box, include synonyms, and hit “Generate keyword ideas”.

Once your list is generated, click the column heading called “Global Monthly Search Volume” once, and it should sort from most to least search volume.

Scroll down toward the bottom of the list where the lower associated search volume is found.  As you scan these lower volume search phrases, find the ones that directly target your business, product, or service.

The lower volume search phrases are typically an extension of your main keyword phrase – in other words, they make up the “long tail keywords”.

These long tail keywords are usually highly targeted phrases that specifically relate to a niche in your market.

The benefit of the long tail is that they are used by what’s considered highly qualified prospects.

2)  Sort by “Advertiser Competition”

When you sort by “Advertiser Competition” you’ll sort the competitors that are paying for keywords from most competitive and least competitive.

These paying customers are the Google Adwords customers, and this strategy allows you to see what the market sees as the most profitable keyword phrases for targeting.

The beauty here is when you scroll down to the phrases that show comparatively low levels of competition.

These lower competitive phrases are where you can find huge opportunities for exposure.

Find keyword phrases that have lower levels of competition but higher levels of search volume.  These phrases are ones that people are searching a lot, but advertisers aren’t targeting.

And typically the reason they aren’t targeting these phrases is because they haven’t done the homework and don’t realize that there is an entire niche market waiting to be tapped into.

The Take A Way

Do your research with keyword tools to find phrases that are out of the massive mainstream flow and competitive environments.

Start blogging with these niche keyword phrases, or target your Google Adwords campaign with these phrases, and you’ll soon be tapping into a very profitable niche market that few competitors realize exist.

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