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I’m Downgrading From Firefox 3.5 AGAIN!

So I thought that the new Firefox 3.5.3 would have fixed the sluggish cache problems of 3.5.2 – but I was wrong.

Two days ago I saw that 3.5.3 was available and figured that since so many people were downgrading from the 3.5.2 they would have fixed the problems.

I upgraded to the 3.5.3 and last night noticed that videos weren’t playing smoothly, and that web pages were snapping up on my screen.

After all, I am running 10 meg speed Internet so things like video and web pages loading shouldn’t be an issue.

Today I determined that I need to once again downgrade to 3.0 – actually I’m going to 2.0 this time just to see how things go.

Anyway – I don’t understand how Firefox can be making these types of mistakes with their new upgrades.  Especially since they are an open source community of developers.

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