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Missions Trip Captured With iPhone & Facebook Fan Page

iphone-facebook-fan-page-missions-trip-india-slumsI just wanted to quickly write about our churches’ Facebook Fan Page and how it, along with an iPhone, i’s being used to keep everyone updated back here in the states.

Typically you’d have to wait for the missions team to return, get all their photographs together, and wait to hear testimonies from the members to get updated on how their trip went.

But with our Facebook Fan Page, and the one iPhone that is on the trip, we are receiving almost daily updates from the missions team.

The updates are coming with photos of church services, photos of neighborhoods where they are ministering, photos of church services they are holding, and messages of how we can pray for the missions team as they minister.

So with a mission teams thousands of miles away in India on missions trip, a simple iPhone along with a Facebook Fan Page is allowing us all to be a part of the great work the missions team is doing.

How its being done:

The technical aspect of how they’re doing it is quite simple actually.

*  The churches Facebook Fan Page and one of the members of the missions team is set with “admin” previledges.  This allows any updates from that one person to broadcast to all fans of the page.

*  An iPhone – there iPhone is a 3GS, but it really doesn’t matter what generation iPhone you have because….

*  Facebook 3.0 – the new Facebook 3.0 iPhone App is being used.  This new Facebook iPhone App is, in my opinion, most valuable in it’s Facebook Fan Page functionality.  Prior to 3.0, there wasn’t an iPhone App that facilitated Facebook Fan Page updating and management.  But with the 3.0 app, page admins can update with photos, videos, and text literally from anywhere in the world and the fans of the page will get those updates instantly!

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