There’s Only One Problem With Google Chrome’s “Blog This” Extension…

blog-this-google-chrome-extensionYesterday, Google announced a great new extension to Google Chrome called “Blog This”.  Basically, the Blog This extension allows one click blogging – highlight text that you want to include in a blog post > click the “Blog This” button > and pow… your text is now included in your blog post.

There’s Only One Problem

There’s only one major problem with this extension… it only works with Blogger – Google’s blogging platform.  So if you’re a WordPress user, like I am, then you’re out of luck.  I guess you have to just keep writing articles the old fashion way by typing them out yourself.

Which leads me to another interesting point with the “Blog This” button.  Is Google shedding a little more light on the duplicate content debate?  I mean, if you’re able to highlight entire blocks of content and publish it to your blog, and Google is actually giving your a button that makes this super easy to do, is Google saying that duplicate content is really a “non-issue”?

Anyway…  I digress.  If you’re interested in using the “Blog This” Google Chrome extension, you first have to be using the Google Chrome Beta browser.  And like I said already, this extension only works for Blogger blogs.

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