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I’m Not The Only One Thinking That Google’s Nexus One Could be Free!

free google nexus oneAbout a week or so ago I wrote about how I thought the Google Phone “Nexus One” might actually be given away for free from Google.

I thought this was a very strange idea indeed, and wasn’t sure how the concept would be received.

Well… I’m happy to say that I’m not the only one thinking that the Google Phone “Nexus One” could be free!  Today I found an article from Android Guys that was making the case for a free Google Phone!

Again, the argument here is that Google gives all of their amazing products away for free.  And most of them are in an attempt to either help you become a long term advertiser on Google Adwords, or to help you more quickly access web pages (where Google ads are showing).

The same is true for mobile phones.  The easier Google can make for you to get on the web via mobile phones, and the faster Google can help you browse faster on those phones, then the more ad exposure Google advertisers will receive – and of course, the more ad revenue Google will collect.

I’m telling you – just remember where you heard it first when the Google Phone “Nexus One” is given away for free!

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