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Barack Obama State of the Union Live Twitter Stream

barack obama state of the union addressState of the Union Live Twitter Stream

Obviously the State of the Union address is over. So I’ve turned this page into a government watch page – streaming from the CBS government UStream channel.

Live Stream – Government Channel

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President Obama,
your speech was once again so full of the American people and there needs,We have needed you for a very long time.I personally believe you were chosen from God himself,because only a man of pure strength,faith integrity,values and truth and the courage of a lion could do what you have done.You came into the Presidency knowing what you were up against yet you stood tall and believed in your values our values and america and never back down holding true to its every value.Your faith is so impressionable and is what makes you who you are.We appreciate your honesty and your love for the people and your undying drive to are an amazing President .Your speaking gives me the chills every single time,theres not to many people who can say they carry values anymore as so many have been bought and and traded for money,greed and power and by the ones who seem to ridicule your every move instead of support you,they are intimidated by your strength and I hope that during your term you continue to base your every decision on what is right and not on whats easiest for the big people as there is no difference between anyone person,you are correct ,we were all created equally.Loved your speech,keep up the great job.

Hi Bonnie – thanks so much for sharing your thoughts! I will admit that President Obama's leadership is much needed in Washington, if for nothing else, in an effort to bring all parties to the table to make productive, effective decisions that impact real people and real lives.

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