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Barack Obama’s $3.8 Trillion Dollar Budget Get’s Blasted

barack obama budget proposalAbout one week after President Barack Obama made his case of lower deficits to the American people during his State of the Union Address, he presented a $3.8 trillion dollar budget to congress.  And there is really only one word to describe the reception that his budget received, especially amongst Republicans – “BLASTED!”

President Obama’s multitrillion-dollar spending plan will boost the deficit to an estimated record-breaking $1.56 trillion.  Something that seemingly goes directly against his plan to reduce the budget – to say that very least.

The USAToday is reporting that “Republicans who spent the past year criticizing Obama’s $862 billion economic stimulus package, said the president was being spendthrift by raising the overall budget 3%.”

The Republicans also lambasted Obama’s plan to let President George W. Bush’s tax cuts expire next year for families making more than $250,000.

What are your thoughts about the President’s $3.8 trillion dollar budget?

Do you feel that the President is being responsible toward the goal of reducing our national deficit?

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