Facebook Fan Page Adds ‘Likes’, Replaces ‘Become A Fan’ (Again…)

Facebook Fan Page Adds ‘Likes’, Replaces ‘Become A Fan’ (Again…)

Facebook seems to be in this “on again, off again” with the new “Likes” feature for Facebook Fan Pages.

Yesterday I wrote about how Facebook implemented a new “Likes” functionality in place of the “Become A Fan” button. But then Facebook, for no apparent reason, dropped the new implementation of “Likes” on Facebook Fan Pages and reversed back to the original design with the “Become A Fan” button.

This morning I wrote about the change back to the original “Become A Fan” function, and people have been commenting on the changes. The responses have been, roughly, 50/50 both in favor and against the new “Like” design for Facebook Fan Pages.

One argument from a reader says, “For products or bands, “Becoming A Fan” makes sense – but for individuals, bands, etc… “Like’ing” them makes more sense.”

And so the debate goes on…

Facebook switches back to the new “Like” feature for Facebook Fan Pages

So I just checked my Facebook Fan Page again, and Facebook has reverted back to the new “Like” functionality that they implemented yesterday.

Why did Facebook take down the change when they implemented it yesterday?

Why is Facebook making the changes to the Facebook Fan Pages to begin with?

These are both valid questions about the new changes being implemented by Facebook.

So what are your thoughts about it…?