Goldman Sachs SEC – Google Keywords Purchased by White House

Goldman Sachs SEC – Google Keyword Purchased by White House

In a video below, watch Rush Limbaugh hammer The White House, and Democrats, about the fact that the White House’s political arm actually purchased keywords in Google to direct people to when they type in “Goldman Sachs SEC”.

In retort to the accusations, President Barack Obama stated that the White House had no prior knowledge of civil fraud charges leveled by the SEC and US regulators against Wall Street giant Goldman Sachs.

“The SEC is an entirely independent agency that we have no day to day control over and they never discussed with us anything with respect to the charges that would be brought,” Obama said in a CNBC interview.

“This notion that somehow there would be an attempt to interfere in an independent agency is completely false,” Obama said.

“We found out about it on CNBC,” Obama said.

Here’s Rush Limbaugh talking about the Goldman Sachs SEC situation: