No More Reservations, Mass Save Great Appliance Rebates

No More Reservations, Mass Save Great Appliance Rebates

The popularity of the Mass Save Rebates program can, in my opinion, only be measured in the fact that:

1) The primary Mass Saves Rebates website crashed

2) There are no more reservations for the program

One of our readers was kind enough to send me more detailed information about the status of the Mass Save Rebates program – here’s what he updated me with:

Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange

Starting April 22nd, obtain your Reservation Number(s) for the appliance(s) you intend to buy. Funding is limited, and rebates are on a first-come, first-served basis until funding is depleted.

After that, a limited amount of Wait Listed applications will be taken, but with no guarantee that any funds will become available to fulfill them.

Thank you for your interest in the Mass Save Great Appliance Exchange.

At this time, all available reservations have been taken.

To see if you qualify for other energy efficiency incentives and programs that can help you save money and protect the environment, visit or contact your utility or energy efficiency service provider.

Program Countdown:

Starting Funds $ 5,455,625.00
Reserved Funds -$ 5,455,625.00

Remaining Funds $ 0.00

Wait List Maximum $ 2,000,000.00
Wait List Allocated -$ 2,000,000.00

Wait List Remaining $ 0.00

And actually, the new Mass Save Rebates website can be found at