Jimmy Clausen 2010 NFL Draft Projection

jimmy clausen draft pick projectionsJimmy Clausen 2010 NFL Draft Projection

Wait a minute! Wasn’t Jimmy Clausen suppose to be drafted in the first round of the 2010 NFL draft?

Some of the NFL draft projections had Jimmy Clausen going around the mid-teens, or even early 20’s, in the first round picks. But name after name was called, and time after time Jimmy Clausen’s name did not get called.

So where does that put Jimmy Clausen, the star quarterback from Notre Dame. Jimmy Clausen’s thunder was stole even moreso when at the 25th overall pick, Tim Tebow’s name was finally called. So much for the mid-teens to early 20’s prediction.

Where will Jimmy Clausen fit in the NFL draft now?

I think that at this point, the Jimmy Clausen play becomes a game of chess for the owners and General Managers. Will the St. Louis Rams pick up Jimmy Clausen even thought they just drafted the #1 pick, that being quarterback Sam Bradford?

Perhaps St. Louis will take Jimmy Clausen knowing that it will open up additional trade opportunities with other teams.

But let’s think about Jimmy Clausen and how he must have been feeling last night!

Here you are, a star quarterback from Notre Dame. You know you aren’t going in the top 10 picks, but you certainly expect to get drafted shortly there after. But then, suddenly here we are at #25, Tim Tebow’s name gets called, and still no Jimmy Clausen.

What do you think?

So with the remaining rounds of the 2010 NFL Draft still ahead, where do you see Jimmy Clausen getting picked up?

Do you think the St. Louis Rams will take Clausen to create a platform for potential trade opportunities?

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Very unlikely St. Louis will take Clausen as a second draft pick in this draft.

I think Clausen will get taken early in the second round by someone who still needs a quarterback such as KC.

However, the longer Clausen remains undrafted the more that teams will second guess themselves and not take him which could push him further down into perhaps the third round.

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