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Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mafia Wars, & Facebook (Image)

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Mafia Wars, & Facebook (Image)

Read below to see the whole series of images – it’s funny!

I just found this hilarious set of pictures that were put together by The images below show President Barack Obama sitting with Hilary Clinton at what appears to be a high level meetings. But Barack Obama is looking down at something – that is played out to be a mobile phone apparently – while Hilary Clinton leans over to see what he’s doing.

The commentary has Barack Obama smiling and then saying:

Yeah, I’ve got Facebook on here and everything. Let me send you… wait, someone killed me in Mafia Wars.

Love the look on Hilary Clinton’s face after reading that.

But then the image scrolls down to former Russian President Vladimir Putin (2000 – 2008). Vladimir Putin is holding his fist up what looks to be in an expression of victory – which is funny because the very next photo is Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton looking back at Vladimir Putin in disgust – like he is the one who killed Barack Obama in Mafia Wars.

Here’s the images from

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