Perfect Games in MLB History (List of all 19)

Perfect Games in MLB History (List of all 19)

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Sunday was a great day for Dallas Braden, pitcher of the Oakland Athletics who pitched a perfect game today against the tough Tampa Rays. This perfect game, sometimes referred to as a ‘no hitter’ because none of the batters actually made it on base, has only been accomplished 18 times prior to today.

Dallas Braden just added himself to Major League Baseball history by becoming the 19 pitcher to ever accomplish such a feat.

But what about the complete list of all 19 MLB pitchers who have pitched no hitters – or perfect games?

Below is the list of all 19 pitchers that have pitched perfect games (no hitters) in the Major League Baseball:

Listed below are the 19 pitchers who have thrown a perfect game (17 since the modern era began in 1901).

Dallas Braden
Oakland A’s vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 4-0
May 9, 2010

Mark Buehrle
Chicago White Sox vs. Tampa Bay Rays, 5-0
July 23, 2009

Randy Johnson
Arizona Diamondbacks at Atlanta Braves, 2-0
May 18, 2004

David Cone
New York Yankees vs. Montreal Expos, 6-0
July 18, 1999

David Wells
New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins, 4-0
May 17, 1998

Kenny Rogers
Texas Rangers vs. California Angels, 4-0
July 28, 1994

Dennis Martinez
Montreal Expos at Los Angeles Dodgers, 2-0
July 28, 1991

Tom Browning
Cincinnati Reds vs. Los Angeles Dodgers, 1-0
Sept. 16, 1988

Mike Witt
California Angels at Texas Rangers, 1-0
Sept. 30, 1984

Len Barker
Cleveland Indians vs. Toronto Blue Jays, 3-0
May 15, 1981

Catfish Hunter
Oakland A’s vs. Minnesota Twins, 4-0
May 8, 1968

Sandy Koufax
Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Chicago Cubs, 1-0
Sept. 9, 1965

Jim Bunning
Philadelphia Phillies at New York Mets, 6-0
June 21, 1964

Don Larsen
New York Yankees vs. Brooklyn Dodgers, 2-0
Oct. 8, 1956
(World Series)

Charles Robertson
Chicago at Detroit (AL), 2-0
April 30, 1922

Addie Joss
Cleveland vs. Chicago (AL), 1-0
Oct. 2, 1908

Cy Young
Boston vs. Philadelphia (AL), 3-0
May 5, 1904

Prior to Modern Era

Lee Richmond
Worcester vs. Cleveland (NL), 1-0
June 12, 1880

John Montgomery Ward
Providence vs. Buffalo (NL), 5-0
June 17, 1880

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a no hitter is not the same as a perfect game u schmuck. perfect games are no hitters that include no walks. how the fudge are you writing articles on sports?

Also, not sure who that pitcher is, but I'm fairly certain that's not a perfect game being pitched since it's with the freaking Pirates.

Kudos to Dallas Braden and his catcher Landon Powell who was filling for the injured Kurt Suzuki. Especially against a good hitting team like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I watched the last four innings after the S.F. Giants (for whom Johnathan Sanches pitched a no hitter last year) game. A "Perfect Game" is much more rare than a no hitter and it was a pleasure to see much of it as it happened albeit on TV. Kudos to "santaclaus" for getting it right on both counts, a perfect game is different than a no hitter because it includes no walks (Not a single base given up by the pitcher and secondly on calling the author a schmuck. Jordan, your heart might be in the right place but you should have quit after your first comment.

Sorry guys this was not a perfect game by the pitcher. However it was a perfect game by the team. In other words it was a "team" perfect game which has happened a total of 19 times in MLB history. The team assisted the pitcher with 21 put outs via the ground out's or catching the ball in the air (Line out, Pop up or Fly out). To date as far as I know there has never been a perfect game by a pitcher in MLB history. What constituites a perfect game by a pitcher? Not just 27 batters faced and retired (That is what happened 19 times in MLB history), but 27 batters K'd by the pitcher. The ultimate perfect game would be 27 K's using only 81 pitches. Would this ever happen? Possible, but highly unlikely.

That pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates looks like Dock Ellis from the early 1970's. But why do they show him if he never pitched a perfect game ? WTF ?

That pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates looks like Dock Ellis from the early 1970's. But why do they show him if he never pitched a perfect game ? WTF ?

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