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iPhone App: The Twiddish

iPhone App: The Twiddish

Imagine this:  You’re out on a date with that special person.  You take them to a fine restaurant.  You order a meal that turns out to be a work of art and costs about the same as a Rembrandt original.  Just before you begin to savor the flavor of what’s on the plate, your date pulls out their iPhone, snaps a picture of the meal, and then twitters her description of the meal.

Well, amongst the multitude of iPhone apps that are available today, there is now an application that allows you to report on your restaurant experience.

The new food twitting application is called “The Twiddish” which allows you to document and share your dining out experience.   The Twiddish iPhone app is a social network dedicated to the collection of photographs of restaurant meals.

“The Twiddish iPhone app is an unconventional restaurant review that gets down to the bare essentials—a photo and 140 characters or less. The system gives new meaning to the adage, ‘a picture is worth a thousand words.'”

But, be careful.  One day, while dining at a nice restaurant,  my wife complained because her pork meal was not cooked completely.  Within a few minutes the chef came out and, instead of apologizing, he began to berate our intelligence for daring to question his cooking credentials (after all, he did sleep at a Holiday Inn Express).

The point is, your chef may take it personal and think that you are criticizing his “cooking credentials” or… it might be considered rude and tasteless to be twittering while the other customers are trying to enjoy their meal.  After all, there are some who hate having their meal disrupted while you are talking on your phone, especially those of us who are trying to eat and use the cell at the same time.

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