Burt Reynolds and Burn Notice

burt reynoldsBurt Reynolds and Burn Notice

Reynolds, 74, who now lives in Florida, had quintuple bypass surgery in March, just one day after he learned that his arteries were closed off.  He was hospitalized for an addiction to painkillers prescribed because of the heart condition.  “I was a heart attack waiting to happen,” he told People Magazine in April.

He has since  returned to work, and will be appearing as guest star in the show, “Burn Notice.”  He will play the part of a “washed-up” retired CIA agent who is struggling as a bartender hiding under an assumed name.  His character gets in trouble with “some very nasty Russian guys,” says Matt Nix, the show’s creator.

The episode will air sometime during the fourth season, which premieres June 3rd.

Reynolds, the son of a military father, has played in many movies and TV series.  He received an Academy Award nomination for his performance in “Boogie Nights,”  and the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Palm Beach International Film Festival.

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