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First The Obama Affair, Now Obama Social Security Number

barack obama social security number1First The Obama Affair, Now Obama Social Security Number

Is it me, or does it seem like there is a group out there – more than likely spearheaded by the Republican party – that is determined to find some kind of trash on President Barack Obama to initiate a fall from grace?

Barack Obama Affair Rumors with Vera Baker

At the beginning of this month – on May 1st – the Internet exploded with rumors about a Barack Obama affair with Vera Baker.

Although the rumors picked up a lot of momentum and interest on the web initially, the issue just seemed to die out within a couple of days. Unlike, in dramatic contrast, to the outbreak of the Tiger Wood’s affairs.

So it finally gave me the impression that perhaps some group was actually trying to get something started to ultimately put Barack Obama at odds against the popular view of him within the United States, and throughout the world.

Barack Obama Social Security Number

And now this – controversy around an alleged Barack Obama social security number from the State of Connecticut.

According to rumors, “two private investigators working independently have raised concerns over the social security number of our beloved President Barack Hussein Obama. The reason being that the digits he covets are reserved for the state of Connecticut, a location he never hailed from. While special circumstances have allowed individuals to register in non-residential states, they remain ’special’ circumstances. Still, no reason for concern, BHO has maintained his ethical integrity while standing by his campaign vow of COMPLETE DISCLOSURE & TRANSPARENCY. With the patriotically excusable omission of a few useless pieces of documentation including his original birth certificate and:

educational records, scholarly articles, passport documents, medical records, papers from his service in the Illinois state Senate, Illinois State Bar Association records, any baptism records and adoption papers

What to think of all the Barack Obama rumors?

So what do we think about all this negativity that is coming out against Barack Obama? Let me say, as a point of disclosure, that I am a Republican and did not vote for Obama. But with that said, I don’t really feel comfortable with all this negativity and seemingly blatant attempts to bring down our current President.

As a citizen of the United States, our Constitution supports the process to which our President’s are elected. President Barack Obama won the election, and if we say we defend our Constitution, then isn’t is a bit hypocritical to be simultaneously trying to ruin our President while he is in office?

All of these rumors seem anti-American to me if they are, as I implied initially, stemming from select Republican groups that are trying to find anyway possible to bring down our President.

What do you think?

Do you think these rumors are strategic attacks by some group or organization to bring down our President and ruin his reputation?

Or are these rumors and allegations simply true statements about a man who happens to be in a high profile position?

I don’t know, but it smells like intent to destroy to me…

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I think that any prominent politician who goes to lengths to hide his background information from the American people is fair game for real investigative reporters (unlike the 'State Media' who give Obama and his cronies a free pass on everything, ignoring anything that is negative and utterly failing to ask any pointed questions of him). What is he hiding? If he has not committed some type of fraud, what would be wrong with the American people seeing his records? If George Bush or Sarah Palin had some issue like this the Pravda-like propaganda media would be headlining it for months and foaming at the mouth on every newscast.

Don't tell me our media is anything but biased propaganda organs for the leftist/liberal agenda. Real journalism is dead in this country.

Exactly! The mainstream media has become "enemies domestic", against the constitution now for many years, using the power of the press to promote the establishment of an anti-USA person, who has absolutely no legal authority to be US President in that he was born with dual citizenship [British, through his Kenyan father -and ?] which makes him not "natural born" , and not legally authorized to be US Pres. Even if he was born in Hawaii, he does not qualify as "natural born", having a British citizenship from birth.



Harvey – you and your 'RIGHT WING TEA PARTY" cronies need to crawl back under your rock. You LOST THE ELECTION TWO YEARS AGO – give it up. Obama is so far above all of you and your ludicrous claims. As for Sarah Palin – she is why McCain lost the election.

Simply put, I feel the same way you do about supporting the Constitution and the office of the President. Simultaneously, BHO has spent a large sum of money in blocking lawsuits to expose his original birth certificate. Now, this rumor, if it is trues has larger implications than simply a fraudulent Presidency. It also means that he is guilty of identity theft and fraud on many counts and should not only be impeached, but jailed. But then again, technically William Jefferson Clinton was guilty of rape given the legal definition of consent (he was in a position of power in the job over miss Lewinsky). And George W. Bush perjured himself infront of the Senate and Congress. That does not make BHO's actions right though. He is hiding a lot. Research his CIA past, and a lot of it comes together including the fact that he was denied employment post law school based on "dubious and unverifiable credentials of his citizenship." that were found in his pre-employment background check.

George W. Bush perjured himself ?
What are you talking about? Bush followed through on information that he, and the rest of the world's intelligence gathering arms, thought to be true at the time.

While barry doesn’t need help ruining his bad name it is completely in order for WE THE PEOPLE to ask question concerning an undocumented worker who now claims the highest position in the USA! If your eyes are so closed to the medias complete ignorance that something is up with barrys answer to all the questions asked him&the use of 1.7 million in taxpayer money for lawyers to cover up all of his inadequecies to be eligible for the presidency you need to be shipped to Kenya with the traitor named barry obama who now has usurped that office…I cannot believe with all your education your eyes are so blind to the truth!!!

Are you a government plant or a union employee? Or, did you divorce yourself from any kind of critical thought process before you voted and merely believed what the 'anointed-one' said in his campaign speeches. Do you not get the simple fact that so little public information is known about this man–meaning his real history…the factual records? And that he has fought 'tooth-and-nail' to keep records private that most Presidents release to the public…or do you have information concerning his history that has not been told/shown to the rest of America? Please wake up instead of drinking more of the same koolaid everyday.

I just keep coming back to the idea that where there is smoke there is fire. It's not just the birth certificate, the social security number, the education records, the past relationships (you get the idea), but so many unanswered questions that are bothering us. As an earlier posted mentioned, he has spent millions of dollars keeping his records from being accessible to the public. It is only natural for us to ask "WHY".

The issue could be easily dispelled it he would just release the records.

Last week I applied for a passport. the first thing they made me produce was a certified copy of my birth certificate. It that too much to ask of our president? How did he get a passport? Oh yeah, that's another unanswered question. I almost forgot.

I have tried to find substantial and thoughtful reasoning behind those who criticize the investigators into Obama's past, most recently his social security number. Rather than criticize and use four letter words, please supply concrete information to disprove such information as this supposed discrepancy in Obama's social security.

All this can be laid to rest by the President with $15 and an application to release his long form birth certificate. It's that easy but for some reason it doesn't happen. Why do you think that is?

Here in NYC they do NOT release so called long forms of birth certificates just like Hawaii! NOT everyone in our country has a long form birth certificate. If you need a replacement birth certificate all you get is a ugly piece of paper with your date of birth, s*x, parents name. No doctors signature nor cute little footprints. Our birthcertificates look exactly like our car titles. Also our birth certificates are good enough to get into the military and get passports with

Obama is not the President. Not legitimately, and therefore, Not-At-All. He took the Oath of Office as President . And he did so while actively moving to conceal his actual Birth Certificate. Now, it turns out that he has a Social Security number that he could NEVER have obtained in a lawful manner. He has moved to hide his scholarly records as well, and these have always been (traditionally) documents that any sitting President would have been proud of. Heck, Dubya was proud of his spelling tests!! At least, the ones that he passed with a decent grade. How do you Pro-Obama-ites deal with these facts? I can't, and I was willing to give the man a second look, even though I am a lifelong dyed in the wool arch conservative. But, NOPE! No Good. He's kept on 'hiding and riding'. Is that the kind of person we all want? Or even the majority of us? I don't think so. And do you know what? Neither does the rest us.

Sorry but people who think ANYONE can become President of the USA with a fake birth certificate and phoney social security number are down right CRAZY! This is the job as President of the United States- not the task of sneaking into a bar with a phoney i.d. When Barack Obama became a senator he was vetted by the government in order to get security clearence- the same goes for ALL who become senators and congress people. These folks are vetted upside down- inside out by the feds. and trust me a phoney social security number would raise a red flag when put through fed database(s)

You are making the same invalid assumptions that I once made. He has never been vetted. It was Tom Brokaw who said "We know almost nothing about Barrack Hussein Obama." The folks assuming that all elected officials are properly vetted are the same who told us that George Bush was "in on 911."

SS#'s are changed for various reasons. For example, the SSA can change a person's SS# if he/she is the victim of identity theft. SS#'s can also be changed for those in the witness protection program. The Ohio Nancy Drew forgot to mention(?) this. And, discussion on the legitimacy of "George W's" presidency tapered off after September 11th. Hmmm….

Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were also elected presidents whom were impeached. Electing a president does not promise them the job to keep. Their actions and accountability do.

Speaking of which, is Glenn Beck ever going to provide the evidence that shows he did not rape a woman in 1990? If he just released the details of where he was at that year…all the rumors would go away.

…dumb. And the relevancy? since GB is not an elected official and 'running' the best country in the world into the ground? Your intellect is lacking.

I love this where people are allowed to air their views freely, even if it sound ridiculous and stupid, the only problem is there is no cure for stupity, at least no prescription for curing stupidity

Re: Obama, identity. If ALL THOSE DEMOCRATS that were running for office lost against Obama at the time and the party ended up electing Obama don’t you think that one of them would have found something wrong then? McCain was good first time around and his party didn’t get him in, why should we have let him in second time around, now he’s leftovers and then trying to win w/ a pretty face to back him up. How sad that some republicans are such poor losers. Please people, let us support the man who was elected, we are looking like fools to the other people in the world. If things don’t show improvement by the end of his 4 years we have the option of voting him OUT!

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