Greyson Chance vs. Justin Bieber, The War Rages on Twitter

Greyson Chance vs. Justin Bieber, The War Rages on Twitter

You may remember a couple of days ago when the YouTube video of 12 year old Greyson Chance started getting talked about on the web. This is the kid that sang a Lady Gaga song while playing the piano and in turn has been generating millions of view on YouTube. This has also led to a lot of publicity, morning show appearances, etc…

But on Twitter, Greyson Chance has apparently presented a threat to current teen sensation Justin Bieber. And I don’t necessarily mean from Justin Bieber himself, but from all of the Justin Bieber fans that are on Twitter.

What might be at the heart of this defensive posturing is the fact that “Greyson” currently #4 on the Twitter trending list. And guess who is nowhere to be found?  That’s right – Justin Bieber is nowhere to be found on Twitter’s trending list.

When you click on “Greyson” on Twitter’s trending list, you are presented with pretty much one overriding theme – everyone is comparing Greyson Chance to Justin Bieber. Some of Justin Bieber’s fans are taking offense to that, others are just pointing out some similarities.

The bottom line is that Greyson Chance, at only 12 years old, has certainly taking the web by storm and created quite the stir.