KFC to keep selling meaty Double Down

Thank you, America!

Kentucky Fried Chicken is extending the offering of the Double Down Sandwich.  And of course, this will ruffle the feathers of some “health” cranks, who think that we Americans don’t know any better than to eat them.

“Oh, poor me!  That mean ole advertising company is hypnotizing me into desiring those big ole nasty sandwiches”

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the so-called “experts” telling me what I can eat and can’t eat.  I also get my jaws torqued when I hear that the government is ordering restaurants and food processors to change their menus and processing because someone is getting fat.  (Maybe we should outlaw tight jeans.  They seem to make posteriors fat!)

I have never walked into a restaurant and found the operators holding guns to the kid’s heads, or customer’s heads, forcing them to eat their products.  (By the way, it’s not the government’s responsibility to control what kids eat.  It’s their parents responsibility.)

No one has forced me to eat what I feel is one of the best sandwiches around today.  And I am not the only one who isn’t being forced to eat these sandwiches.  KFC is expected to sell their 10 millionth Double Down this month.  I bet it’s subliminal advertising…”you gotta have me”….”you know you want me”… If that is so, then the advertisers are doing a bang-up job.

The sandwich — bacon and cheese surrounded by chicken fillet’s — was to have been available through Sunday. The Double Down came onto the market on April 12 and was supposed to have lasted about six weeks, but KFC said the sandwich will be available for as long as customer demand remains high.

The original recipe version has 540 calories and 32 grams of fat, and 1,380 milligrams of salt. A grilled version cuts calories to 460 and fat to 23 grams, but sodium rises to 1,430 milligrams, and this will have the “health” police up in arms.

How about the fact that it doesn’t have a bun.  The bun alone would add about 40 grams of carbs which are considered worse than the calories by many nutritionists.

Yes, advertising does invite people to buy products, just like it invites people to vote or not vote for a certain candidate.  I’ll admit, if I hadn’t seen an ad for the Double Down sandwich, and especially the big poster in the window of the local KFC, I never would have bought one.  (I was going inside the KFC to eat anyway.)

But, it wasn’t the advertising that brought me back for my second one, third one, fourth one, fifth one, etc.  It was the fact, that like almost 10 million others, it is a sandwich that tastes great and is a lot of value for the cost.

Thank you, America.  Thank you, KFC.

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I, for one, am thrilled they are keeping the sandwich. I've had one twice, and it was so good. And for all those crazed food-police people out there: I might eat a double down now and then, but my pantry and fridge are stocked with more healthy whole foods than just about anyone else I know. My kids eat vegetables of all colors and kinds and they love them. It's just one choice among many other extremely healthy choices I make. So if you are scared of a double meat sandwich with bacon and cheese, then don't eat one.

best sandwich ever! 53g of protein/11g of crabs in the original and 61g of protein/3g of carbs in the grilled.

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