Chocolate Milk as an Exercise Recovery Beverage?


chocolate milk

As if you needed one more reason to enjoy chocolate milk.

In a recent study published by the ISSN, the efficacy of chocolate milk  as a recovery beverage following a period of increased training duration was studied in intercollegiate soccer players.

Subjects received either a high-carbohydrate recovery drink or chocolate milk after each day of increased training duration (ITD), and results were obtained through measurements of five factors. 

The conclusion was that chocolate milk provided similar muscle recovery responses to a commercial high-carbohydrate recovery beverage during four days of ITD.  While most of the test factors showed little to no difference between the two, one ( serum creatine kinase ) showed significantly better response for chocolate milk over the commercial product.


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The report in Men's Health that you refer to was to the effect that chocolate milk was more effective than the same volume of protein alone. This is a different study, comparing chocolate milk's effectiveness relative to a high-carbohydrate ( no protein, just carbs ) recovery formula. There was also a report in 2006 that compared it to Gatorade, but that study focused on replacing blood glucoes levels. Not germaine to this discussion.

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