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Tiger Woods Divorce, Did The Nanny Help Elin Secure $750 Million?

tiger woods divorceTiger Woods Divorce, Did The Nanny Help Elin Secure $750 Million?

Tiger Woods is once again in the news with the breaking update that Elin Nordegren is set to receive $750 million from the divorce settlement. Tiger Woods I’m sure is able to pay that amount without any problem.

Along with the $750 million payout to Elen, Tiger Woods will not be able to bring any of his girlfriends along with him when he visits his children. Also, Elen Nordegren is forced to agree to not discuss the affairs with the media.

In other developing news around the Tiger Woods divorce story is this issue about Elin’s nanny contributing to the $750 million settlement that she got from Tiger Woods.

There are rumors buzzing around that one of Elin’s nannies secretly removed some paperwork from Tiger Woods office, thumbed through documents, and was able to help Elin determine exactly how much money she could pursue Tiger Woods for in the divorce settlement.

If this is true about the nanny, then we could very quickly find ourselves with another breaking media frenzy on our hand – as if the Tiger Woods divorce story isn’t enough for all of us already.