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Tiger Woods Divorce Settlement & Child Custody Finalized In Court

tiger woods divorce custodyTiger Woods Divorce Settlement & Child Custody Finalized In Court

This all really didn’t take very long to hammer out if you think about it. It was only a few months ago that we were watching Tiger Woods make a public confession about the affairs that were breaking left and right in the news. The speech seemed to be both an apology to the public – and his wife – and also a warning to the media that his life is private and please stop harassing him and his wife (Elin Nordegren).

So today the news has been breaking that the Tiger Woods divorce has been finalized and agreed upon by both himself and Elin. Of course, the biggest news is that the settlement in the divorce gives Elin approximately $750 million in the divorce.

But the other story that hasn’t been talked about much is the fact that Tiger has also lost custody of his children. Which is to say that Elin Nordegren gets full custody of Tiger Woods’ children.

I’d have to say that in the end, this is probably the biggest hit to Tiger Woods. As a father, I couldn’t imagine losing my children. It is truly something that a price tag could not be placed.

But equally tragic, it seems that Elin truly loved Tiger Woods for who he is and not for things such as his money, popularity, and all the other variables that the media seems to dwell.