How To Get Your @Facebook Email Address

With Facebook’s new messaging service comes the ability to request your new email address. Now according to Facebook, this new messaging service is not email, rather a collaboration of email, text messaging, and instant message (chat).

How to get your new address:

It’s quite simple actually:

1)  Make sure you are logged into Facebook

2)  Click this link

3)  Look in the lower right hand corner and find the “Request Invite” button

4)  Click the “Request Invite” button to request to receive your address

5)  Now just wait until you see instructions appear in your Facebook messaging inbox.

I requested mine yesterday and have yet to receive any messages or instructions.  However, when I go back to the page, I now see where the request button used to be a message that says: you will receive an invitation soon.

Facebook’s new messaging platform is new, obviously, and according to Facebook will be rolled out to all users over the coming months.

So once your requested your new address, all you can do is wait!