iPad 2 ‘Accidentally’ Seen At Murdoch’s “The Daily” Launch

ipad 2

The iPad 2 is expected to be announced within the next month or so.

This will be the next generation of the iPad that will have the much anticipated feature of the front facing camera which will allow the Facetime app to run – this is the app that will allow video conferencing and chat.

As is typically the case when a new product launch is pending, people get careless with their handling of the prototype and leaks occur.

Remember the iPhone 4 that was found at a bar in Redwood City?

Well at The Daily news conference, “a Reuters eyewitness saw what appeared to be a working model of the next iPad with a front-facing camera at the top edge of the glass screen,” Reuters’ Jennifer Saba and Gabriel Madway report.

“A source with knowledge of the device confirmed its existence, adding that the final release model could have other features.”

via BusinessInsider

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