3 Things You “MUST KNOW” About iFrame Tabs for Facebook Fan Pages

Since yesterday, I’ve been writing about the new updates to the Facebook Fan Page platform.

Some of the biggest changes, in my opinion anyway, are the FBML deprecation and the iFrame tabs for Pages.

You can read more about the pending deprecation of the FBML app here.

I want to focus for moment on the iFrame tabs for Facebook Fan Pages for a moment, and tell you three things that you need to know about, and be strongly aware of, regarding this new feature.

3 things you must know about iFrame tabs for Facebook Fan Pages:

1)  You must create a Facebook app

This may be one of the biggest shockers for Page admins – the fact that you no longer simply add an FMBL app to your page and then throw in your html (FBML approved HTML that is…) and hit save.

Oh no… that is not at all the case anymore.

To add a new tab to your Facebook Fan Page, you’ll have to actually create a Facebook app, and then add that app to your Facebook page – something I plan on writing a “how to” on shortly  – so stay tuned.

For a brief overview here though, you’ll have to actually create a new Facebook app, create your HTML customization in a separate file, then upload that file to your server and point your Facebook app to file.

2)  Tabs now accept full HTML customization

On a REALLY strong note however, it’s worth working your way through the process of adding new iFrame tabs to your Facebook Fan Page because your pages are now fully HTML, javascript, and iFrame capable.

This means you can now be as creative with your custom Facebook tabs as you’d like, limited only to the imagination and code skill of the developer.

3)  Earn money by adding Google Adsense to your Facebook tab

Finally, as a way to potentially start earning money from your Facebook Fan Page there’s the fact that you can now add Google Adsense, or any other ad revenue source, to your new Facebook tab.

Check out my example here

Notice how the new tab easily displays Google Adsense code.

This is because, as I’ve mentioned already, the new iFrame for Pages update allows you to add any HTML and javascript to your tab.

On a final note, I’ve had quite a few people asking me about the new iFrame for Pages update, how to add take advantage of it, and what the impact will be on your current Facebook Fan Pages.

I plan on adding as much helpful information here at Social Media SEO as possible.

And I’m currently working on a “How To” for adding a new “iFrames for Pages” tab – fully customized – to your Facebook Fan Page.

Stay tuned…