White iPhone 4 Is Hot In China

white iphone 4 china

Here in the US, the white iPhone 4 was met with a lack lusture response in both sales, frenzied lines, and fast sell outs.

But don’t use the U.S. demand for the white iPhone 4 as the gauge for global demand for the device.

Word is in China that the white iPhone 4 was met with the “A-Typical” long lines, sell out crowds, and fast sell outs that are common with Apple releases.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple analysts have been quoted as saying “internationally there seemed to be higher demand with lines forming in markets such as Hong Kong, Singapore and China,” said Ben Reitzes, Barclays Capital.

And another analyst, Brian White from Ticonderoga Securities says, “Our checks this morning indicate that the four Apple stores in China have already sold out of the “white” iPhone 4. Recall, we indicated in a note yesterday that Hong Kong sold out of the “white” iPhone 4 in just one hour based on an article from Clearly, the “white” iPhone 4 is very popular in China, and we believe this is a phenomenon that Apple will experience across most of Asia, including Japan.”

via WSJ

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