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Traveling Updates – What can we expect?

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the intentional economy and disrupted our lives in the beginning of 2020. It shut down all traveling. Start of traveling Experts agreed that it would take around 18 to 24 months for the industry to begin returning to regular levels. Meanwhile, travel industry will undergo some big changes: new security […]

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Coronavirus mutation – Scientists found new form of Coronavirus

Scientists have identified a coronavirus mutation that has become dominant worldwide. The new strain appeared in February in Europe, migrated quickly to the East Coast of the United States. The coronavirus mutation report The research has been based on the genetic sequence of earlier strains and might not be effective against the new one. Scientists […]

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Wuhan coronavirus dead tool is up by 50 percent

Wuhan coronavirus death toll rose by nearly 50 percent. This was after weeks of allegation that officials were under reporting. Therefore, numbers to make the situation look better than it actually was. Wuhan coronavirus situation Wuhan is now reporting 3 869 deaths. Number of total cases rose to 50 333. Chinese state media claimed that […]

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Gilead drug for coronavirus – Patients are responding well

COVID-19 patients at the Chicago hospital are being treated with a Gilead drug, remdesivir, in a clinical trial. There are recoveries in fever and respiratory symptom, with nearly all patients discharged in less than a week. Gilead drug trial Remdesivir was one of the first medicines capable of having the potential to impact COVID-19. Everyone […]

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Coronavirus Risk is high for Travelers – Staying at Home recommended

As we all know, coronavirus risk disrupted life and all other social activities worldwide, including traveling and trip planning. Therefore, those are disrupted since the start of the pandemic. So, none can tell how much will the disruption last because of Coronavirus risk. Coronavirus risk responsible for plummeting price of flight tickets All-around world prices […]

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What is coronavirus treatment? How are we reacting to it?

Since the United States is considering reopening the country some things are essential. Namely, creating and developing coronavirus treatment methods towards is one of them. Therefore, the experts are advising to focus on the development of coronavirus tests. Also, treatments and preventive strategies are important as well. Antibody testing as the first step For now, […]

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Boris Jonson is infected with Coronavirus – How is he doing?

The coronavirus is not avoiding anyone, not even politicians or celebrities. Therefore, the British Prime minister, Boris Jonson, has been infected with the coronavirus. Downing Street is saying that Boris Jonson is out of intensive care but remains in the hospital. Boris Jonson in recovery Mr. Jonson has been receiving treatment for coronavirus at St […]