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Are You a True Beginner? 7 Free Digital Marketing Courses You Should Check Out

In today’s job force, if you don’t know about digital marketing you will be left in the dust. Technology is evolving faster and faster every year. This means that new types of jobs will become available to keep up with these ever-changing needs. Are you savvy enough to work in this high tech world? Education can […]

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8 Game-Changing Tips for Marketing an App on Social Media

Launching a smartphone app can be a fun challenge, especially if you’re looking to build a business around it. But with the average smartphone user using only 9 different apps a day, encouraging users to actually use your app is an entirely different challenge. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you understand your audience, you can generate growth. […]

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Why Social Media Seo Needs to Be in Your Social Media Marketing Campaign

Why the Social Media Search Engine is Important When devising a social media marketing campaign, many marketers forget about social media search engine results. Here’s why social SEO is important. You’ve been rocking your SEO campaign. Except, you’ve been neglecting your social media search engine connection in your campaign. Which means your campaign could be […]

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Top 10 SEO Tips for Franchise Companies

Franchise SEO is unlike any other form of SEO. You can’t just apply general SEO tips. Read these SEO tips for franchise companies to understand how it’s done. With the tight overhead that your franchise probably has, it might be hard to spend 35% of your marketing budget on digital like other small businesses. Franchise […]

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Four Marketing Strategies That Can Keep Your Business Moving Forward

In today’s world, many if not most business owners realize that marketing plays an integral role in pushing their companies forward. Yet not all corporate leaders know which advertising strategies to implement for the purpose of keeping their business in a state of constant growth. If this is your dilemma, this article is for you. […]

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Microsoft Green Screen of Death is a Thing Now (GSOD)

We all know the famous Blue Screen of Death by Microsoft, right? The BSOD is going to be dropped for a green screen of death in the next build. The testers have already noticed. Chris123NT on Twitter released this image during testing: so on a hunch I tried to force a bug check and well, […]

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Trump Tower was just evacuated due to suspicious package

The Trump Tower lobby was evacuated on Tuesday afternoon after reports of an unknown package came streaming in.  New York Police Department spokesman J. Peter Donald tweeted that the department’s bomb squad was responding to the report “out of an abundance of caution.” The spokesman soon tweeted an “all clear.” Further reports indicate the bag was […]