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Is Small Business Automation the Way to Go?

The market for business automation is growing rapidly every year. In fact, it’s expected to reach $12.7 billion by the year 2021. Although automation may seem like a tool for huge conglomerates, these numbers show that small business automation is growing in importance as well. No matter the size of your company, automation provides many benefits. While […]

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Could Your Rehab Clinic Use a Marketing Tip? 3 Digital Marketing Tips for Rehab Clinics

Today, six in 10 rehab patients find their treatment center by searching the web. This is why even the smallest digital marketing mistake can cost you many clients. For example, 46 percent of Americans admit they would steer clear of a rehab clinic if it didn’t have any online reviews. That said, the right rehab marketing tip helps you avoid an otherwise expensive misstep. […]

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What Does This Year Hold? A Look at Digital Advertising Trends for 2019

Have you resolved to step up your digital marketing game this 2019? You are not alone. The New Year offers every business an opportunity to keep up with advertising trends and launch fresh campaigns. In this digital age, it can be difficult to stay on top of what’s new in the digital marketing world. This […]

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Say What? How to Simplify Website Content for High Tech Data Websites

Did you know that 1,440 WordPress posts come out each minute? That’s a lot of content to read. But did you know that 50 percent of US adults can’t read a book at an eighth-grade level? For many writers, that can be a hard level to write at. Especially if you work in a complicated field […]

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Launching a New Site? Test These 5 Things First

There’s a lot of work that goes into launching a website. If you’ve already done a lot of the labor—nice job! But even if it seems like you’re crossing the finish line, take a step back. There might be some considerations that you’ve overlooked during the process.   Here are a few things to test […]

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4 Keys to Great Web Design for Small Businesses

Design is one of the most important elements when it comes to leveraging your business’ website’s potential. It goes without saying that a professionally designed site with engaging features will generate more business than an outdated, unengaging one. As a small business owner, your web presence is one of the greatest assets you have in […]

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Facebook Announces They Are Removing Trending Soon News Feature

In a surprising move, Facebook is removing the trending news topics in the sidebar of their site. Today, if you log in on a desktop you will see this message: Facebook Announces They Are Removing Trending Soon to Make Way for Future News Experiences Maybe it’s not surprising to many, but this is actually something […]